This is the third & final post & especially 4 the followers of ‘notes fr’ a yogi’ on

Bear in mind,
that absolutely everything
mentioned in this blog, isn’t because
I read it somewhere & think, assume &/or
believe it 2 be true, but because
I absolutely know it 2 be true,
out of own experiences
through yoga !

One day
I saw the Light
through Kriyã-yoga.

Another day
I saw the Light
again through Kriyã-yoga.

Any other day
the grace of the Light
will see me through because
of renunciation in

A little of Kriyã-yoga
or thoughtless meditation,
will save anyone from dire fears
& colossal sufferings.

your initiation into the
kingdom of the Infinite Spirit
through Kriyã-yoga by doing what is
written in this blog 4 this is
the end of this blog !

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I am so tired
of my ego like I am tired of
everybody else’s ego.

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When all’s over,
will I sing like a bird released
or will I again cry like a baby,
confused & disappointed
from being reborn ?

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I don’t
want forgiveness.
I won’t make excuses 4 my
ignorance & ignorant

I only blame myself.
I won’t accuse anybody of being
an accessory in my doings.

I don’t ask 4
absolution nor redemption.
I hope & wish for one thing
& one thing only & that’s
not 2 be reborn !

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My actions don’t bind me.
My actions aren’t binding ties.
Simply because I have no desire
nor personal interest in what they
yield or produce 4 myself !

This is actionlessness & mindfulness.

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I am
because I desired !
I am because I consciously or
unconsciously desired 2 be !
I am not only because
I think !

My reason, mind &/or intellect is not the only reason 4 (my) being ! I am, you are & everybody is, foremost out of desire & this ‘desire-notion’ was activated out of a thinking-unit, which resulted in a Self, initially driven by desires & emotions. An adaptable & suitable body &/or form created living & being 4 the Self which lost itself, like nearly all its predecessors in being through compulsive thinking.

An insatiable delusional-separated-Self in the making, addicted 2 thinking, emotions & activity, confused & trapped in a reflection (this world & universe) of its own mind & the collective thinking of all sentient beings, consequently is the appropriate condition 4 being in an illusion that’s kept in existence exactly through compulsive thinking, desire & ignorance.

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Really being
is being without thinking !

I do not think ! I don’t have 2 think 2 know that I am ! I think of nothing (in meditation) & then I really know that I am & from there-on, who I am ! I know then that I am foremost because I feel (!) 4 really being is being without thoughts & thinking.

I am because I doubt, think & have desires, though more aware & feel more than ever when I am desireless & do not think. Thoughtlessness is the liberator from compulsive thinking & from there-on from ignorance.

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Really being
is being without
thinking !

We are not just because we think (!) like René Descartes has managed 2 make us believe. We are aware of our Self predominantly because of emotions ! We are aware of our Self, because we feel & can think ahead. We are sentient beings because we have sense perception & because we are conscious, meaning we are aware of our Self & because we experience sensation(s), feeling(s) & or emotion(s).

We are not sentient beings because we have a mind & are able 2 think but because we experience emotions & desires. We are because we doubt, think & feel & foremost desire !

I am
because I doubt,
hardly think & had
desires !

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When we
cannot postpone death
&/or dying anymore, how would
you prefer 2 go ?

When the Reaper
with his sickle, whose name
is death comes knocking at your
door, what are you going 2 do ?
How would
you like 2 die ?

How would I like 2 die ?
How do I see myself die happily ?

First of all & most importantly, in a state of complete consciousness & in painlessness & this is about feelings. If the location is 2 choose then bathing in a hot warming sun would be heavenly or looking down on a beach near water, near mountains covered with snow or in a windy bamboo forest would all be great & this is all about sight, smells & sounds & more about feelings 4 emotion is all that matters, emotion void of any thinking 4 really being is being without thinking !

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forgetfulness & loss of memory !
Bless amnesia !

Self-knowledge is the supplier of human knowledge, compassion & empathy, which enables knowledge of one’s real needs & real desires by approaching the real Self.

Thoughtlessness is maybe not the only way 2 gain Self-knowledge, but it’s surely the easiest & the most effective way 4 gaining access of one’s real Self through thoughtlessness incapacitates the subjective mind from influencing. Real & accurate Self-knowledge can really only be gained through thoughtlessness 4 thoughtlessness is total renunciation, which includes the renunciation of one’s false Self ! Approaching the real Self is dis-attachment & thoughtlessness is the real liberator of attachment 4 within thoughtlessness one is dis-attached from all that’s unspiritual, ego & false Self.

Thoughtlessness is a protective against the ever changing changes 4 it’s the donor of positivity, positive emotions & Self-control. Thoughtlessness is the destroyer of compulsivity, indoctrinations & conditioning. Thoughtlessness is the eradicator of the ego & the only exterminator of over-excessive, compulsive- & dysfunctional- thinking 4 it’s the absolver of darkness. Genuine mindfulness is nothing but a consequence of thoughtlessness from within meditation. Thoughtlessness is all of that, because it gathers (prãna) power & unprejudiced wisdom from the perpetual unchanging One, the supplier of energy, ideas & the resolver of all problems. Thoughtlessness is the bringer of light in the dark-side of us, the only refiner & strengthener of our thinking-ways. Thoughtlessness creates forgetfulness & forgiveness 4 thoughtlessness unites with the Well of Compassion.

Thoughtlessness is what revitalizes & transforms being increasing the compatibility with the One, the whole purpose of real yoga & meditation, kriyã-yoga, life before & after death !

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