Don’t end up being the victim
of your mindset when you experience
the immediate outcome of your thinking
when in dying, before & in death !

If one has never heard of mindcontrol
before death, one cannot but experience
suffering when actually death.
If one has never
contemplated death (out of love 4 life, busyness,
frailty, fear & laziness) before death & on top of that
has never familiarized themselves with suffering, one
cannot but experience huge suffering
when actually dead.

If one is ignorant of mindcontrol
one will in death experience horrific hallucinations
that are in fact the products from one’s own habitual
compulsive random & mostly inappropriate
or wild & savage thinking.

If one has never done some mindcontrol
before death, one cannot but experience the execution
of every single thought that springs 2 mind & be catapulted
from anywhere 2 somewhere else & back & forth again,
though always else, than where really desired.

If one has heard of mindcontrol
though never got 2 try &/or do some
& absolutely anyone who’s now (!) reading
these words & who’ll never do any mindcontrol
in the future, will besides from fear experience all of
the above enwrapped in regret of never having done any
mindcontrol when one was still able. The latter can be called
willful ignorance out of frailty, laziness &/or pig-headedness
or quite the opposite, premeditated renunciation
out of doubt &/or disbelief.

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