When we
cannot postpone death
&/or dying anymore, how would
you prefer 2 go ?

When the Reaper
with his sickle, whose name
is death comes knocking at your
door, what are you going 2 do ?
How would
you like 2 die ?

How would I like 2 die ?
How do I see myself die happily ?

First of all & most importantly, in a state of complete consciousness & in painlessness & this is about feelings. If the location is 2 choose then bathing in a hot warming sun would be heavenly or looking down on a beach near water, near mountains covered with snow or in a windy bamboo forest would all be great & this is all about sight, smells & sounds & more about feelings 4 emotion is all that matters, emotion void of any thinking 4 really being is being without thinking !

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