forgetfulness & loss of memory !
Bless amnesia !

Self-knowledge is the supplier of human knowledge, compassion & empathy, which enables knowledge of one’s real needs & real desires by approaching the real Self.

Thoughtlessness is maybe not the only way 2 gain Self-knowledge, but it’s surely the easiest & the most effective way 4 gaining access of one’s real Self through thoughtlessness incapacitates the subjective mind from influencing. Real & accurate Self-knowledge can really only be gained through thoughtlessness 4 thoughtlessness is total renunciation, which includes the renunciation of one’s false Self ! Approaching the real Self is dis-attachment & thoughtlessness is the real liberator of attachment 4 within thoughtlessness one is dis-attached from all that’s unspiritual, ego & false Self.

Thoughtlessness is a protective against the ever changing changes 4 it’s the donor of positivity, positive emotions & Self-control. Thoughtlessness is the destroyer of compulsivity, indoctrinations & conditioning. Thoughtlessness is the eradicator of the ego & the only exterminator of over-excessive, compulsive- & dysfunctional- thinking 4 it’s the absolver of darkness. Genuine mindfulness is nothing but a consequence of thoughtlessness from within meditation. Thoughtlessness is all of that, because it gathers (prãna) power & unprejudiced wisdom from the perpetual unchanging One, the supplier of energy, ideas & the resolver of all problems. Thoughtlessness is the bringer of light in the dark-side of us, the only refiner & strengthener of our thinking-ways. Thoughtlessness creates forgetfulness & forgiveness 4 thoughtlessness unites with the Well of Compassion.

Thoughtlessness is what revitalizes & transforms being increasing the compatibility with the One, the whole purpose of real yoga & meditation, kriyã-yoga, life before & after death !

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