I am
because I desired !
I am because I consciously or
unconsciously desired 2 be !
I am not only because
I think !

My reason, mind &/or intellect is not the only reason 4 (my) being ! I am, you are & everybody is, foremost out of desire & this ‘desire-notion’ was activated out of a thinking-unit, which resulted in a Self, initially driven by desires & emotions. An adaptable & suitable body &/or form created living & being 4 the Self which lost itself, like nearly all its predecessors in being through compulsive thinking.

An insatiable delusional-separated-Self in the making, addicted 2 thinking, emotions & activity, confused & trapped in a reflection (this world & universe) of its own mind & the collective thinking of all sentient beings, consequently is the appropriate condition 4 being in an illusion that’s kept in existence exactly through compulsive thinking, desire & ignorance.

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