This is the third & final post & especially 4 the followers of ‘notes fr’ a yogi’ on

Bear in mind,
that absolutely everything
mentioned in this blog, isn’t because
I read it somewhere & think, assume &/or
believe it 2 be true, but because
I absolutely know it 2 be true,
out of own experiences
through yoga !

One day
I saw the Light
through Kriyã-yoga.

Another day
I saw the Light
again through Kriyã-yoga.

Any other day
the grace of the Light
will see me through because
of renunciation in

A little of Kriyã-yoga
or thoughtless meditation,
will save anyone from dire fears
& colossal sufferings.

your initiation into the
kingdom of the Infinite Spirit
through Kriyã-yoga by doing what is
written in this blog 4 this is
the end of this blog !

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