Thoughts get attracted from
out of the  ‘Curtain or Cloud of Thoughts’
which is the one & only source 4 our
thinking & not our brains or mind !

This ‘Curtain/Cloud of Thoughts’ is made
by all sentient beings & kept in function by all
thinking-units or splintered-off consciousness’s
& is there only 2 serve & preserve Being.

That ‘Cloud of Thoughts’ is also
the point of manifestation & the line
between Being (yang) & Non-Being (yin).

It’s Kali ! It’s the
Dankly Mysterious Feminine (yin)
termed the root of Heaven (yin) & Earth (yang),
the gate from which at first All under
Heaven issued forth.

It’s the Great Mother,
the birth-giver 2 infinite worlds, it’s the root
of Being which is 2 be crossed when into Non-Being
4 termination of Being & 2 be pierced through with
our minds & Soul or consciousness & thoughts
while still in Being 4 enlightenment –
the path 2 Non-Being.

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