your thoughts
& that’s all !

Feel the presence of your real
deeper Self underneath, beneath or behind
your thoughts & just watch your thoughts & that’s all !
Don’t analyze, add &/or get involved through them, but
just observe & accept them. Become more aware of them by
awaiting their appearances & let them pass-by & become
more & more the witness of your thinking & feel your
thoughts subside from disidentification from
thought & that’ll relax your body, ease
your mind, release & uplift, incite
& raise your true Self above
your fake Self or ego.

Don’t be imprisoned
by your thoughts, like every (!)
worldly ignorant, self-opinionated sentient
being 4 it’s our thoughts & judgments that causes
most of our suffering, not the actual events !

Rise above mediocrity, ignorance & frailty
& control your thoughts 4 your own sake & wellbeing
in the present & 4 peace of mind in the future ! 

Mindcontrol &/or Thoughtcontrol
is the only thing that can save us from
delusions, illusions & ignorance.

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