Asking yourself
what you really want
in life 4 yourself is in fact stupid.
One should better ask one’s self what
life has planned 4 one’s self !

Doubts & maybe even fear will ever be
present once we’ve decided 2 follow our heart.
What’s surprising, besides the energizing challenges
& newly created stimulating possibility’s (that occur &
work as an incentive 2 persevere), is without doubt
the sense of easiness one perceives in the
execution of one’s dream or goal
when following Heaven’s
signs &/or will.

Executing Heaven’s wishes or listening
2 the signals of the One or Brahman, tao or
dao, Allah, Yahweh, the holy Father, Abraham,
God, etc., is penetrating in the One & in the Unity
& is the way 2 discover one’s real fate
& purpose of being.

This is by far the best & easiest way
2 advance mentally, physically & spiritually.
The help from above transferred into anyone
& acted upon is progress & advancement & that’s
better than standing still – stagnation coming forth
from the ego & the ratio. Though the latter is mostly
dysfunctional, it’s surely better than doing what
is expected, hoped or wished by others
4 that is or would be going
backwards or decline.

Anybody or anything mortal
& thus perishable cannot replace
immortal & perpetual Heaven ! In such
one should never let anybody or anything
mortal & earthly take in Heaven’s place !

In other words,
never place somebody
above yourself is Heaven’s will !
Thus do not place your ratio or anybody
else’s ratio above Heaven’s will
4 actual growth & real evolution.

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