within desirelessness & thoughtlessness)
Yukta (connects) Ãtman (man with divinity).

Yoga, essential, beneficial & effective yoga is copying the One. Copying the One results in union with the One either temporarily or longer lasting, depending on the endurance, like through samãdhi by yoga or instantly, permanently &/or unavoidably like through death.

In yoga as 2 unite with the One, as 2 join, meet & unify with the personification of thoughtlessness, desire-less-ness & actionlessness one must be compatible, next 2 identical. In samãdhi, the door 2 immortality, the 8th stage of Patãnjali’s yoga-sutras, the preconditions of compatibility with the One are already fulfilled & perseverance in those three conditions, evolve in attaining & meeting (maybe only in due-karma-time), joining & uniting with the embodiment of thoughtlessness, desirelessness & actionlessness or the One, God, the Absolute, Brahman, Yahweh, the holy Father, etc., 4 ‘real’ yoga unites with divinity & godliness, all within bliss. 

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