In our world, the breath
is the specific storm of delusion
that produces the consciousness
of individual waves.

Conscious & mindful & aware
as we may think we are, the soul is only
at its utmost &/or becomes absolutely
conscious of itself, during
breathlessness !

The mystery of life
& death is interwoven with breath.
Breathlessness is deathlessness. The breath
is the subtle link between body & soul. Life is
transmitted by the soul 2 the body
through the breath.

In breathlessness
through yoga the soul
gets liberated 4 the ‘real’ I
is then freed from the delusion
that existence depends on a body,
the mind & breath.

In samãdhi,
the breathlessness-stage
of the Patãnjali-yoga-sutras,
the breath-link between soul & body
is severed willingly at the yogi’s will through
scientific wisdom & not unwillingly by rude
intrusions of karma & greedy death.

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