Man has allowed, from birth-on, activated by the senses 2 let his consciousness 2 identify itself with the body it got at birth, that requires aid from air, food & sleep in order 2 exist at all. The compulsion & temptation of sensory experience obviously rises almost immediately & surprisingly from birth-on above heavenly memories. The attraction from the senses is more powerful than the desire-force connected with astral (after & pre-life) attachments.

Is this all the result from the natural survival instincts of the I, me &/or simply put egotism ? Why choose 4 the spacial, three-dimensional physical world (re)cognized only by the five senses, where man’s physical body is exposed 2 countless dangers & is easily hurt &/or maimed as opposed 2 absolute freedom within the gratification of every desire, within the after &/or pre-life ?

Karma is the reason !
Impure, unprocessed & unredeemed
karma is the cause 4 rebirthing,
reincarnation & samsara.

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