Gaining thorough skilled mindcontrol
is the escape tool out of suffering & regular exercise
in thoughtcontrol reduces the influx of random thoughts,
the killers of mindfulness. Random thoughts are also
the obstacle 2 thoughtlessness, any yogi or wise
persons preferred state of being.

Determination surely is required though prolonged
& regular exercise in staying mentally focused eventually
& undoubtedly will reduce & in the end absolutely end
the influx of thoughts in general.

Prolonged & regular being in thoughtlessness
out of profound thoughtcontrol is gaining control over
Being & in such over its opposite Non-Being 4 extended
being in thoughtlessness fades the barriers of Being
& open’s Heaven’s Gate (the keys of David – see
Book of Revelations).

Thoughtlessness within actionlessness
is challenging Death’s authority ! Its defying Death
by shaking the laws of karma (as if karma can be fooled) !

In such having &/or gaining control
over one’s thoughts is in fact gaining control over Death
4 skilled thoughtcontrol can bring ab’ all there’s 2 bring ab’
up 2 even the separation of body & spirit, the ultimate
challenge of Death’s supervision over Being. It’s t
superiority of Death over Being collapsing in
the Light of Enlightenment !

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