Enlightenment is the consequence
from thoughtcontrol & Enlightenment is about
‘the seeing of one’s own Self in other Selves’ which
destroys any remaining lurking
Enlightenment trashes all delusions by cleaning the mind
from absurdity, stupidity & ignorance because Enlightenment
separates the ego from the self as 2 exterminate the ego,
the seat of ignorance & stupidity.

Enlightenment is the consequence
of the downgraded-ego within the purification
of the soul from desires & the tempering of sensatory
sensations, that is followed by profound & prolonged regular
‘being in thoughtlessness’ or concentrated thinking
within actionlessness & that is all (!)
& that is
also like being or playing dead !

Playing dead is being on the border of
being & non-being, where the light of enlightenment
offering peace of mind & renewal of being gives
consciousness of what one needs 2 know only
by resetting the obstacle 2 thought
control, namely the Mind !

Enlightenment is the consequence
from thoughtcontrol & skilled thoughtcontrol
is the consequence from Enlightenment.

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