that is manifested
in the Gods, is also
manifested in

that is in the Gods,
is also in Humans.

that is in the Universe,
is also in Humans.

The existence & reality of our Universe is inter-dependent with Humans. The Universe & their Gods are as real as Humans are real, in fact, as real as reality is real 2 its dwellers. Gods are un-separated aspects from the One. All the characteristics of a God are also present in Atman. Atman, man or women, is a spark from Abraham, Brahman, Allah, God, the One, the Absolute, etc., but is not separate(d) from the One, until complete reunification makes them whole again.

In the direction of whatever God we pray, cling, focus, concentrate, meditate &/or rely upon is of unimportance 4 all paths are in reality & truth, one & the same. All paths lead inevitably & eventually 2 the same ‘One’, wherefrom once we came. All paths directs us 2 there, where mortality, illusions & suffering are inexistent, where immortality & wisdom within love & blissful happiness is ever present 4 return 2 the One is every sentient beings inevitable & unconsciously craved 4 future.

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