Confused in the theories of mindfulness & like becoming addicted 2 mindfulness some use mindfulness strategies just 2 avoid critical thinking !

Apart from those mindfulness extremists there’s also the rational-extremists, them that never really know why they’re doing what they do & never know when is the appropriate time 4 either action or retreat. They are the ones asserting we are our brains, the same ones never knowing really how 2 act, be &/or talk or keep silent & at distance 4 they are always in doubt over what they’ve done, said or didn’t do & said.

They’re so addicted 2 their body & from there-on their thinking, so convinced that the solution 2 all & everything is achievable with the brain & thinking, they say that stress, needs 2 be recognized as a signal 4 need 4 extra thought ! They’re so convinced that no solution can come from the opposite of thinking that they declare that thinking effectively needs thinking & not nothing ! Self-assured that nothing fruitful can come from disconnecting one’s Self & retreat into a meditative mindset, those brain-users go as far by declaring that after long periods of meditating, one struggles 2 return 2 focused, task-oriented thinking & even normal daily life !

The use of one’s brains
& thinking clearly generates
(larger) ambivalence & (more)
incompetence & (bigger)

Neuro-existentialism is stupidity !

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