If suddenly the Buddha
would appear 2 us or any other sage,
wise person or even Messiah, they’d have 2
leave again pretty soon. For besides having a reason
4 their appearance, there’s also the unsurmountable fact
that ‘their presence on Earth’ made them conditioned
& in such transient by nature.

In such,
if suddenly the Buddha
would appear 2 us he would have
changed 4 there is no impermanent Self.
There’s no & not any absolute intrinsically
existent Self ! Being (mind or consciousness
within a body), due 2 consciousness, is exactly
the creator of illusions & separate selves, within
the Illusion (our world) ! Living beings are nothing
other than the self, imputed on the basis of the
continuity of consciousness, only because
consciousness is preceded by earlier
consciousness, that is it’s cause.

Funny is that
it’s exactly (our) consciousness that is
responsible 4 our misconception, trust & belief
in a separate Self ! Any Self is simply because of
consciousness & consciousness is not at all separate
nor personal 4 it is shared with all other consciousness
bearers in our universe making every person out of the
inherently moving & changing dynamic nature of
consciousness, never the same as any
moment before the previous

Nothing but changes.
Evolution through perpetual
changing I’s, micro-organisms,
in an ever moving, expanding & changing
macro-organism, our universe.

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