The breath,
the subtle link between
body & soul, being & non-being.

is ‘The science of breathlessness’,
which changes the breath into spirit.

is the yoga of actionlessness
within desirelessness that leads
2 thoughtlessness within breathlessness
which connects with the causal
body, the Absolute or God,
the White Light, etc.

is the highway 2 divinity
& thoughtlessness within breathlessness,
is the pinnacle of kriyã-yoga.

The release
from time & Self,
can only be gained through
breathlessness within thoughtlessness.

expands the mind,
enlarges cognitive perception,
while enhancing the spiritual powers
by sharpening both the senses
& the intuition.

unveils the secret
between life & death, mankind’s
one & only goal in life
&/or being.

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