What is holding of the breath ?

The deep & quiet breathing of the autogenous training or basic breathing exercises, mixed with pauses in the breathing, which always have the same length when inhaling or exhaling. This stopping, not blocking of breath-intake, is also the method 2 open the 3rd-eye with closed eyelids, eyes turned 2 the location of the 3rd-eye & this is kriyã-yoga at its best.

changes the breath into spirit.

Kriyã-yoga, isn’t just a system of postures or breathing techniques, but an entire discipline that leads 2 unification of the Self with the Unity or the Divine. The breathing technique & the type of thinking in itself &/or skillfulness in focus of mind, determines whether contact & experience of higher states of consciousness & of course the opening of the 3rd-eye, inner sensations, enhanced intuition & lucidity, sharpening of the five senses, perception through the senses over the intellect, etc., are experienced, realized & acquired. From actionlessness within breathcontrol towards focused thinking one plunges into thoughtlessness & breathlessness. The breath changes into spirit & the spirit is a thought, just moving 2 wherever & the separation of the spirit & the body is just ‘one’ thought away.

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