What is breath control ?

It’s converting the breath into mind – a dream-breath – the breath as an act of mind. The first step is 2 relax & unwind. Sit still or lie down & do remain wide-awake ! It’s actionlessness at its most ! It’s deep relaxation while doing nothing but mind-games. Do nothing but breathe & focus on nothing but the breathing. It’s basic breathing exercises, though with the mouth closed at all times & with the exhalations longer than the inhalations of breath & all of that can be done with the eyes open or closed. Be like the earth, heavy & yin. Be still, lay or sit still’ (psalms 46.10) & ‘Play dead daily’ (Corinthians 15.31). Incoming thoughts must be acknowledged & then immediately aborted & disregarded. Remain focused only on your breathing !

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