is inevitably
succeeded by

Birth & rebirth
are 4 ever. If only death
be 4 ever 4 death isn’t
the end
of being & consciousness,
it’s only the end
of physical suffering
& the end of freedom-
restrictors like time,
gravity, matter,
form & body, etc.

is a wisdom-supplier
& an opportunity 2 end samsara
& cleanse karma 4 death creates an
opening 2 the Light, which enhances
the possibility of joining the Light.

is a chance
direct one’s consciousness
on 2 the white-Light & by focusing one’s
thoughts, in meditation, on nothing else but
the causal, eternal, radiant, bright-white-Light
of Consciousness, prãna &/or electromagnetism
from within the One, one conditions one’s Self
in cleaving 2 what’s eternal & immortal
& one becomes immortal.

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