is about not taking pleasure
in anything beyond the transcendental
happiness derived from desirelessness,
actionlessness & thoughtlessness
from within meditation
this is service 2 the One.

Reaching the One happens in 2 ways or processes. One is by Goodness, by Self-development bettering one’s Self & the other, is the direct method from which one automatically betters one’s Self & renunciates from the fruits of one’s actions & this is by meditation 4 by copying the One through desirelessness, actionlessness & thoughtlessness or real yoga or meditation, one aligns with one’s eternal undying Self, soul or consciousness & the One 4 they are the same & one naturally dis-attaches from anything connected with material physical being & eternal peace of mind is the reward.

all varieties of religion
& just surrender unto Me,
the One.’
(Bhagavadgita 18.66)

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