is about letting-go
of things that create suffering.

Renunciation is avoidance of what’s unimportant & what’s unimportant is, like everything connected with earthly temporal & impermanent physical being (primordial root-cause of suffering), as opposed 2 what’s really important, eternal, undying & immortal, like our inner real Self, soul or consciousness.

Renunciation is about freeing the real Self, that’s crying & dying 4 release from anything alien like imprisonment within a body (primordial root-cause of suffering), in an attachment & desire enhancing delusional world.

Renunciation isn’t about renouncing the pleasures of life & earthly being 4 appearances & experiences don’t bind only attachments do.

Renunciation is neither about Self-denial, nor about renouncing our individuality, character & personality, but about renouncing what hurts our selves & definitely what hurts & destabilizes other selves.

Renunciation isn’t about a promise &/or hopes of compensation in a future life, but about bettering one’s Self.

Renunciation is indifference towards anything earthly, it’s having no interests in earthly-affairs, striving, sense gratification & worldly-knowledge 4 renunciation is accepting the whole world as it is, without feeling the need 2 change whatsoever.

Renunciation is realizing the real Self, even though there are no solutions 2 the sufferings of samsara & mãyã.

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