Jainism, an ancient Indian religion, formed alongside Buddhism, that also promoted the abandonment of ritual, asceticism, spiritual illumination & freedom from repeated rebirth (samsara), prescribes a path of nonviolence (ahimsa) towards all living beings & emphasizes spiritual interdependence & equality between all forms of life.

Jains, followers of Jainism, believe in avoiding harm 2 others through actions, speech & also thoughts ! Jains became over the centuries, masters of wisdom & real kings of sacrifice & renunciation, exactly through their withdrawal from worldly-life into yoga or meditation.

Mastering focus of mind into one-pointed-concentration (dhãranã) which generates meditation (dhyãna) & leads 2 unification with the One (samãdhi) & wisdom (jnaña) made Jains heroes in detachment (yajña).

Mastering their wisdom they became incomparable, unsurpassed & even extreme in their renunciation by denying themselves the most basic needs as 2 minimize temptation & from there-on-out emotion & desire or plain simple distractions from their detachment.

Jains became absolute renouncers of unreality, this current earthly-life called reality & are truly the kings of service 2 the One, the unprecedented imitators & mimickers of the One 4 they do not live 4 themselves nor 4 anybody else 4 they only want 2 end this delusional life !

Oblivious of mãyã’s hassle & chaos, they offer their life & all its joys & wonder towards a higher-goal (moksha) & this resolute renunciation is when through meditation & when in Nothingness, through ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation, the doors of perception are long cleansed & from there-on, one automatically dis-attaches from life’s affairs & worldly busyness’s. Renunciation becomes from there-on as natural as consciousness !

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