Why yajña
or renunciation
& detachment ?

When having realized through meditation, that the only worthwhile activity & purpose of being in general is meditation & that anything connected 2 earthly-life, already is or can become & form obstructions, both within meditation & when death is calling.

Then there’s only one conclusion : Meditation is preparation 4 peaceful (future) dying & meditation is absolute renunciation 4 anything connected 2 earthly life & being in general, except meditation, are obstructions in both current & future meditations & in future dying !

Worldly affairs seem beneficial but in the long run & then certainly when in meditation &/or at the time of death, they surely become excessive luggage & turnout 2 be dysfunctional 4 our mind & thinking & our well-being.

is key 2 life & living,
death & dying !

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