Renunciation isn’t about giving-up on friends, family, career, etc., but is about not being overly emotionally disturbed by &/or through them.

Renunciation is all about protection of the real Self & the abolishing of the false Self, the ego. Renunciation is release from anything that ties &/or binds 2 un-spirituality like the ego, gossip, lies, divisive talk & verbal abuse, stealing & killing of sentient beings, sexual misconduct, etc. Up 2 absolutely anything that produces emotional perturbations &/or disruptions of peace of mind &/or well-being 4 anyone involved. In relationships, as 2 keep them healthy one must always keep an end in mind 4 an end surely comes, one time or the other.

Renunciation is safeguarding the real Self from anything that agitates &/or confuses one’s mindfulness, peace & focus of mind 4 everybody must beware as 2 not let the behavior of others crush our inner peace 4 anyone’s inner peace can not only be incited or shaken but even ruined & destroyed by the behavior of others.

Renunciation is avoidance of what’s unimportant, unsound & unhealthy 4 that’s what’s holding-back the real Self from Self-realization & the false Self in perseverance of egotism & egomania or selfishness, dumbness & stubbornness.

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