The real Self is that which resides formlessly in a body, which tries 2 remain balanced, in that which is unbalanced by nature (our body) & which nowadays sadly loses its prominence in myriad beings.

The real Self, amid the epitome of imbalance (mãyã/earth) is constantly influenced & altered & seduced by bodily sensory experiences, that attaches the real Self 2 the false Self.

The real Self is that which cannot die, that which is immortal while residing in a mortal cage (the false Self within a body). That Self, which never dies, in a sphere away from the One, is immortal by nature & doesn’t need 2 die, as 2 lose ignorance as opposed 2 the false Self.

That Self needs 2 be protected from bodily & earthly influences 4 when consciousness, the real Self & its form aren’t in sync anymore, consciousness tries 2 leave the body 4 consciousness genetically wants 2 return 2 its roots, in the One. Consciousness leaves the body when it doesn’t feel the need anymore 2 remain in its inhabited form or body.

When the body no longer can keep consciousness within itself consciousness leaves the body. The body hasn’t got 2 find a cause 2 go 4 consciousness, that ‘thing’ which does not come into being by being born on earth & which never dies, is the real, crucial & indispensable driver of the body & not the body itself !

real Self
doesn’t need
a body 2 be !

The body, as opposed 2 consciousness merely holds-on 2 consciousness 4 it cannot be without. Consciousness is real & not our material body.

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