Be like a lotus
& become a buddha.

The lotus symbolizes non-attachment in Buddhism 4 its ability 2 soar over the filthy muddy waters & produce an immaculate flower. The lotus, just like gold, mixed with impurities in its natural state, is like our Soul or real Self, overlaid with impurities of Karma. Purify your mind & spirit, which is born into murkiness, by yoga &/or real meditation, cleanser of the mind & absolver of the ego. Purify your soul by yoga, only destroyer of captured indoctrinations & preventive against fears & suffering. Rise above your compulsive thinking & evil thoughts & break free of the muddy waters by real yoga, only detergent against illusions & delusions 4 real yoga purifies karma ! Be like a lotus, immaculate, spontaneously active, strong, full of love & compassionate.

Transcend !
Be like the lotus,
break free of the mud
& rise & bloom above the murk
& suffering & achieve
enlightenment !

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