It’s only when you know,
when you are no longer you,
that you will know, the true situation
of the present religions, sciences & opinions


the Self, cleansed from all ignorance, ego & worldliness, just after death, remains this individual Self, with an increased spiritual knowledge & only gives-up this Self when coming together with the One. The real Self or consciousness is eternal & loses its individuality only, when within the One, the Well of Consciousness.

At the time of death, freed from the changes of the body, the mind carries the Self again 2 our world of birth, death & suffering or merely 2 a new life, away from the One.

At the time of death, one sees the real Self & seeing the real Self, real reality & real truth, either shocks & paralyses or reassures, calms & consoles the Self.

the real Self,
an unavoidable fact
after death, can be done
through yoga today !

Yoga is thus also preparation 4 death 4 seeing the Self before death through yoga, erases all confusion, fears & unease when death actually occurs.

Seeing the Self, in yoga, when the mind is fixed 4 understanding the Self, without any misgivings of identifying the Self with the Super Self (samãdhi), frees the Self from attachment, ignorance & the desire 2 return 2 worlds of suffering.

Liberation from samsara, the cycle of aimless drifting, wandering & mundane existence, can thus be reduced by yoga &/or real meditation, right now !

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