We are all one
from the oneness of human spirit
& every soul in its pure state is omniscient
& yet a lot of people seem submerged in willful
ignorance & idiocy out of stubbornness 4 while
knowing that all stems from the One, they
still doubt & ask themselves,
if all is one !

Do not confuse your Self ! We’re one in consciousness ! The supernatural forces of consciousness creates in splintered form individuality, which enlarges craving 4 being which consequently attracts an appropriate body & empowers a form 2 enliven its desires & express its cravings in being.

We are all one from the oneness of human spirit. All stems from the same. We’re all the same ! All’s made from the One, the well of consciousness. All leads a cyclic-reversal-movement existence, out from the One 2 return 2 the One 4 all stemming from the One ultimately returns 2 the One, when the cycle ends & the circle closes.

It’s only when you know,
when you are no longer you,
that you will know, the true situation
of the present religions, sciences, opinions,
disbelief, doubt &/or ignorance.

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