In action(s)
or when doing things or when
performing work, with the mind focused
& absorbed on (the) One, all our actions
evolve in non-attached actions or
actions without attachment.

Non-attached-actions are the actions that don’t disturb, bother nor agitate the mind & thinking, a benefit in mindfulness & focused thinking in meditation. Non-attached-actions don’t produce attachment 2 the job, chore or work & neither 2 the result of the chore or work.

Non-attached actions
are actions executed with
the mind focused on the action
only or with the mind focused
only on the One !

The more the Self is unattached from un-spirituality & worldly actions & 2 what they yield &/or produce, the better connected & the more attached the Self is 2 the One. Staying more connected 2 the One in mind, spirit & actions, dis-attaches the Self from irrelevancy, non-spirituality & worldliness, which wards of suffering immediately &/or in the future as a whole.

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