The three pillars of Buddhism, better named the Three Jewels, have the capacity 2 protect its followers from falling into the lower realms of existence. The Three Jewels in Buddhism, never given up on by Buddhists, even at the cost of their lives, are …

  1. the Buddha (Siddharta Gautama 560-483 BC), serving as an example 4 their life & living.
  2. the Dharma (readings &/or texts), serving as a guide 4 life & living eliminating darkness & ignorance.
  3. the Sangha (community), serving as a safe haven of likeminded people – a refuge meant 4 those unremitting & permanently engaged in the practice of the dharma. The Sangha is 4 those who have realized the dharma within their own minds & who have penetrated the nature of reality.
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