Seeing in the darkness
behind closed eyes is just because
of (your) thoughtlessness within actionlessness
& not because of destiny nor faith, hopes
& desires, let along prayer
&/or religion !

Seeing & feeling our trapped consciousness, soul &/or spirit within our body is what destroys all beliefs, doubts & disbeliefs, mental fears & suffering.

Seeing & feeling the real Self as opposed 2 the false Self brings forth Self-knowledge & Self-knowledge is the supplier of human knowledge, enabling knowledge of one’s genuine needs & desires &/or approach of one’s real Self or Self-realization.

Seeing, feeling & realizing Truth comes from desire-, action- & thoughtlessness in yoga & not from other earthly & worldly persons like teachers, coaches, preachers, priests, monks, guru’s, lama’s, guides & other so-called expert-helpers & holy-truth-revealers.

Truth is internal & within our Selves
& not external & from without our Selves
& can only be found by digging-in one’s Self,
that can only be realized by real yoga
&/or meditation !

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