Why renunciation & detachment ?

When the end of ‘life’ is near & death is calling us ? When at that at that special, exceptional & precious moment in ‘time & life’, we still have regrets, strong desires & hateful feelings ? Then we’ll surely experience negativities that will influence our next rebirth & we’ll see all sorts of hallucinations & experience huge anxiety !

When we’ve reached the last day of our ‘life’ we should have no regrets whatsoever 4 anything that can form an obstruction in our focused thinking at the time of death needs 2 be eliminated well before the actual time of death or else that’ll eliminate the chance 4 well-being & will surely influence the outcome of our almost unavoidable next reincarnation.

When we are knocking on the door of death, we should in fact, as strange or hard or even cruel as this might seem, accept 4 we cannot change what is happening & so might as well be happy !

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