Immortal is not our body, nor our thoughts & emotions. Immortality isn’t achievable when dead. Immortality is achievable during lifetime, when we train ourselves in dying & playing dead or meditation.

Immortality or deliverance from death & dying is the end of samsara & means unceasing & undying consciousness without ever having 2 die by being born into a form.

Immortality was our past & will be our future once again 4 mortality is only necessary 4 the constant expansion of our being, towards higher stages of consciousness in morality that brings forth immortal-ness.

Own effort in meditation is the only way 2 immortality ! Sadly only a few people walk this path 4 most of us  are 2 busy living forgetting the unavoidable end of life & above all because the road 2 immortality is one out of complete renunciation of life & delusions like the over-all importance of this here now earthly so-called only life & real reality.

The way 2 immortality & from there-on 2 altered states of mind & elevated states of being is one out of determination & perseverance in actionlessness within thoughtlessness & strength of focus in meditation !

Renunciation & detachment
are the offerings & the sacrifice is
called Yajña & the award is Moksha.

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