Imprisoned souls in samsara’s web, travelling between & in the seven worlds or spheres of consciousness occurs through the process of reincarnation, being & non-being, death & (re-)birth.

Travelling between & in the seven spheres & worlds can also happen through real yoga & meditation or through actionlessness within thoughtlessness. This way & technique is real yoga 4 genuine yoga is a method 4 restraining the natural turbulences of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevents from glimpsing one’s true nature of spirit, freed from its ego, illusions & delusions. Soul searching, mental control & body discipline are the fruits from this renunciation, meditation & real yoga.

Yoga is having the wit of searching 4 truth & wisdom through thoughtlessness & inactivity as opposed 2 following a religion, using one’s mind & thinking, books, courses & classes, teachers & guru’s as source of knowledge & one’s ego as the driver of one’s being as opposed 2 one’s soul excavated & uncovered by yoga !

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