Play dead daily !’
(Corinthians 15.31)

Enlightenment is reached by being just like when one is dead ! Being like dead &/or playing dead is total actionlessness within complete thoughtlessness characteristics fundamental as 2 align with the One, the source of wisdom.

When being like dead one is compatible with the One, the epiphany of emptiness & thoughtlessness within actionlessness, the origin of both being & non-being & seat of Omniscience.

When being like dead one is emptying one’s Self 2 be filled. Emptying one’s Self of all that’s attached 2 earthly-life & -being, as 2 be like the One, as 2 be able 2 receive wisdom from the One &/or enlightenment. Enlightenment that’s reached before actual physical death is rocking the vessel of samsara 4 samsara gets cut down through enlightenment, that’s only reachable & accessible by ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation or by being just like when one is dead.

When we are dead we leave behind our body but not our consciousness, just like in meditation. Meditation is preparation 4 surviving death 4 having control over one’s mindset & being, in times of death & dying of the body, is just a matter of skill through conditioning in ‘playing dead’ by ‘real’ yoga or meditation.

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