The purpose 4 death is mostly 2 overcome (our) ignorance & fear of death & dying. Humans are biologically programmed 4 self-preservation & as such very afraid of the inescapable & inevitable death or end of being. In trying 2 control that fear of death & dying, we search 4 the meaning of life & try 2 find some sense in life, while we lose ourselves in rationalizations over ‘the beginning(s) or end(s)’ of this here creation & reality. Thereby rewriting history & inventing past important events & heroes, traditions & religion(s), etc.

The maintenance of ourselves, the inherit & immanent desire 2 stay alive, our survival instinct, is what makes us look 4 knowledge. If life was forever & without misery we wouldn’t be asking questions nor look 4 knowledge. It’s our mortality which is the reason 4 our search 4 knowledge & therefore our mortality, the mere fact that we’ll die sooner or later, is the reason 4 our evolution.

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