Death isn’t death !

Death isn’t death 4 death is not the end of ‘life’ ! Death is the destination we all share but death is not the end of existence, consciousness & individuality 4 consciousness & individuality are only lost when we’ve become one within the One ! Consciousness is an eternity of life & of being with a sense of individuality, with an increased knowledge of compassion & of the meaning of being as opposed 2 non-being.

Death is release from birth, material reality & ignorance, limited freedom & suffering. Death is yin & yang is life, interconnected & interdependent making death very likely the single best invention of life.

Death is what the living carry with them as 2 generate selflessness & compassion, empathy & love or the upgrading of moral behaviour. Death is there 4 us 2 (learn 2) detach from so-called-life, bonds & attachments 2 illusions & illusive desires. Death isn’t death 4 the mere fact that we’ll die sooner or later, is exactly the reason 4 (our) evolution !

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