When death comes along, beware of what you are thinking 4 when death comes along, the habitual randomness, excessiveness & compulsiveness of your mind & thinking or your untamed mind will get the better of you by transporting you in the blink of an eye towards whatever thought that crosses your being.

When death comes along, each & every one of us will experience a mirror-image of both our conscious & unconscious cravings & fears, regrets, love & hatred, that’ll influence our next rebirth & maybe make us fall into the lower-realms or worse into the realms of non-human existence.

When death comes along, nothing can help except focus of the mind 4 what’s in the mind will ultimately be one’s reality. When death comes along, everything will depend on how you are (thinking) today & now, so let yoga be your support-system 4 ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation is nothing than about focus of the mind !

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