When death comes along or when in dying, virtuous minds feel themselves going from darkness into light & from darkness they feel themselves being pulled towards open ground experiencing visions of beauty on the way.

When death comes along or when in dying, the disturbed by feelings of attachment, hatred &/or love & most certainly the unbalanced & focused upon themselves ones, feel themselves go into burning darkness, getting more distressed of experiencing visions of suffering alternated & relieved but more confused & disturbed by experiencing unsound unethical situations.

Both of the above, see & feel things that actually don’t exist ! Both of them experience visions & feelings that are constructions of their mind & thinking ! Both of them are the victim of their mindset & experience the immediate outcome of their thinking. Both of them are attracted by compatible (ghostly) forces drawing them towards compatible souls, being &/or ghosts (in a wish 2 join, moved by desire), before being lured & drawn towards an appropriate realm of existence &/or reincarnation.

When death comes along,
beware of what you are thinking !

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