is a cyclic beginning-less
& end-less game.

Christianity, Judaism & the Islam speak of a Creator. Jaïnism, Buddhism & Taoism deny the existence of a Creator. Hinduism on the other hand, deviates, it’s very exceptional 4 in their ideology there’s no Creator 4 the myriad beings & so the myriad beings worship myriad Gods. A Creator implies a beginning & because Absolute Being or God, as 2 be Absolute, cannot have a beginning it as such cannot be created !

The Absolute or God, Allah, Brahman, Abraham, the holy Father, Yahweh, tao or Dao, etc., or the One, is without beginning or end. The One, is oblivious of starting’s & commencements, endings & finishing’s. The One is the epiphany of actionlessness 4 it’s without knowledge of Being.

Everything is a cyclic game without ends or beginnings or of breaking-out & pulling back-in towards inner places of birth & death, though birth & death are actually illusions 4 at the beginning of each cycle, there are producing, creating & shaping processes taking place, which evidently means a beginning & in the end there are disintegrating forces taking place which evidently means an end.

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