This is a second personal post & especially 4 the followers of ‘notes fr’ a yogi’ on

It’s been six months now since I’ve posted my first personal post (see archives in uncategorized category), wherein I mentioned the sooner than later end of my blog-posting & blog, because awareness came upon me in several ways of my imminent death.

It’s been six months & surprisingly & unsurprisingly I’m still posting blogposts 4 I’m still alive, even though I’ve been diagnosed as having a remaining life expectancy of two months – up 2 a maximum of twelve months. The incurability, from hence the terminality of the disease terminates the future 4 it’s a fight that cannot be won & what remains is frugality & above all mindfulness 4 every moment counts as it might be the last. Living death is the operation-mode.

It’s been six months now & death hasn’t come yet. ‘Life’ or ‘Now’ isn’t over yet. Karma isn’t expired yet. No matter why this disease captured me & what 4 did I come closely across it isn’t of importance 4 it’s just a way of karma, death & samsara 2 deal with illusions, unreality & so-called ‘life within being’.

After taking birth we get closer 2 death & moving ever closer 2 the end of our lives, we have 2 die from some bodily dysfunction, disease & accident 4 ‘earthly-life has 2 end some way or another. Karma cannot be fooled 4 time is directed by karma ! Attacking almost incurable diseases like cancer is like trying 2 stop the perpetual changes in trying 2 change something which is hardly changeable. Everybody has got 2 die & dying of cancer is just one way of dying. Cancer is just a way towards the end of ‘so-called life’. It’s a way of earthly-dying, amongst many ways & many other ways can be more cruel than dying of cancer.

When actually confronted with cancer everybody’s (patient & loved ones) perspective changes, making everybody act seriously & having cancer makes people look at you like you are the personification of death.

When confronted with cancer everybody suddenly has next 2 disbelieve & disappointment, fear in their eyes, feel unease, which is understandable though only proves our incapability of dealing with mortality. Deadly diseases like cancer &/or imminent death through cancer mirrors everyone’s mortality.

Confronted with cancer &/or imminent death, lots of people start fighting against time, fate & karma, consequence of the survival instincts of the delusion Self residing in a body or form.

Confronted with cancer disappoints (saying that it’s unfair) & angers a lot of people & in that anger, in that unproductive state of mind (towards life & death in general & the actual cancer), they try 2 fight their deadly cancer & along with that samsara & their karma. All because people have a morbid fear of death & that’s strange 4 pain from the cancer is more cruel than death !

People are scared 2 death from death just because they’re equating death with the end of being or life. People suffer from delusions 4 people think that death is the end of life & being, just because they never experienced bodiless being through fate, karma &/or ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation. The ‘deathless-state’ spoken of in Oriental & Indian metaphysics & popularized by Asian yogi’s is the beginning of immortality & immortality lies in copying death by abiding 2 actionlessness within thoughtlessness through ‘real’ yoga &/or meditation.

How about remembering your divinity, soul & consciousness as undying, eternal & immortal 4 that is absolute truth !

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