One or the other.
There’s the One or the absolute,
also called & named God, as opposed
2 the other, our universe,
earth or world.

We chose 4 the other in spite of the One & got our Selves stranded here in this unreality & world created by desire, ignorance & compulsive thinking. Deluded, as if being ends when ‘life on earth’ ends, we call this here earth, our home, the place of our birth & the cause of our birth &/or coming into being, we lay in the hands of our biological parents, which we call &/or name mother & father.

Suffering from ignorance, we, in the beginning, doubted & then pushed-aside & ignored & later-on forgot about our real true roots & origin. Later-on, through suffering, pain & distress, swearing & cussing, we cursed our roots & origin, even despised ‘it’ & along with that every other sentient being.

An ever lonely (from separation from the One), scared (from pain, disease & death) & separate(d) Self, with an undying urge 2 remain in existence, became an instinct & the strongest driving force of being. Survival of the Self instead of transcendence of the Self became man’s priority. Worldly knowledge instead of Self-knowledge. Immersion in ‘earthly-life’ instead of renunciation from illusions.

Why did we leave the One ?
Why choose 4 devolution instead
of evolution ? Why leave mindfulness, unity
& wholeness 2 become ignorant & a separated Self ?
What was wrong with us 2 made us
want 2 leave the One ?

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