Looking 4 one’s real Self is something 4 searchers & alchemists 4 they while adapting 2 the ever changing changes, want 2 regain their real, pure & genuine or ‘better’ Self & get rid of all that isn’t compatible with their newly gained state of mind.

They’re the ones affecting nature & other beings auspiciously 4 they continuously focus on upgrading & improving their character, all the while aiming 4 ‘higher’ being through Self-reflection, empathy & compassion.

Searchers & alchemists, growing daily without guarantee 4 happiness & with only the certitude of death, regardlessly put their Self-knowledge into practice enlarging ‘dis-attached’ love towards ‘All under Heaven’.

& alchemists
Self reflect constantly !
4 Self-reflection gives Self-knowledge
& Self-knowledge is Self-improvement,
the way 2 ‘higher’ being.

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