comes from thoughtlessness
& thoughtlessness comes from

The famous Chinese &/or taoistic ‘middle-way’ is nothing else than actionlessness within mindfulness. Actionlessness is the easy-course, the easy-way regarding all action(s). Actionlessness is a basic theme in taoist teachings, in case of activity, work, actions & attitude. Actionlessness or the infamous ‘doing nothing’ in waking-state or daily life is fundamental 4 successful & beneficial meditation, its primordial only because it’s the foundation 4 fruitful meditations. The opposite of actionlessness, excessiveness in action, speech & other sensatory sensations is accentuation of the outwardly focused senses, contrary 2 the needed withdrawal of the senses 4 effective meditations.

Mindfulness is nothing but the consequence from thoughtlessness & thoughtlessness is the alternative 2 reason & thinking, feelings & emotions 4 thoughtlessness is the producer of genuine mindfulness & emotion-control. Mindfulness involves the constant checking of thoughts & intentions. Inherent mindfulness is like having the mindset of a baby. Buddhist call this, possessing the buddha-nature or simply put, the taoist ‘middle-way’ in mind & body, speech & action. Thoughtlessness is close 2 mindfulness, a higher level of awareness of now of constantly checking of thoughts & fluctuations of the mind, in both meditation or daily life. Thoughts or the senses & the body aren’t really the problem 4 they aren’t what separates from wisdom & mindfulness, only compulsive thinking is !

End compulsive thinking
by focusing your thoughts until
thoughtlessness occurs & wisdom
& mindfulness will be given through
renunciation of worldly striving, desires
& activity all 4 the benefit of
Self-knowledge & Wisdom.

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