One who apprehends
or sees action in actionlessness
& actionlessness in any action, is wise.’
said the Lord Krishna, written down
in the Bhagavadgita.

Krishna meant with those words that we can & should act, though preferable & when possible, we should stick 2 actionlessness ! Those words by the Lord Krishna are telling (us) that (our) karma is influenced by (our) motivation(s) &/or intentions & not (!) by the actions themselves ! In other words 2 not act merely 4 the sake of acting & doing & not 2 act 4 the results & fruits of (our) acting or doing(s). Words of freedom by the Lord Krishna accentuating the power of the Will over Karma, urging (us) 2 persevere in actionlessness & 2 be or 2 remain free of attachments, ties & any bindings, simply because detachment from all earthly ‘things’ is a virtue above humility, mercy & grace, even love, compassion & empathy.

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