A work where in
not only the physical body, but
also the head & heart & most importantly
the will is brought in, is true happiness & this is
working in an inspired manner, this is
actionlessness in action
or Wu Wei.

Wu Wei
like mindfulness, is
a fruit of thoughtlessness
& actionlessness from within
‘real’ yoga &/or meditation.

Wu Wei
is the path of
attentive attention
4 mindfulness & actionlessness in
its purest form is above all controlling
the randomness of our thinking.

Wu Wei
is about directing
our usual random thoughts
& restraining them into focus
only onto the Now, onto
what is now !

Wu Wei
is tao in action,
mindfulness & actionlessness.

Wu Wei
or actionlessness
is an unselfish & unattached
state of mind.

Wu Wei
is the opposite of striving
in general, that is key 2 escape
delusions, worldly contaminations
& indoctrinations !

Wu Wei
is about unmotivated actions
& freedom from purpose, striving
& ambitions, simply because all of them
have their roots in desire & desire
is what ties 2 samsara.

Wu Wei
is what liberates the Self
4 pure & real mindfulness
& actionlessness
produces zest.

Wu Wei
is also a connector with the One
copying the One as 2 unite with the One
is service 2 the One &
service 2 the One
is the pinnacle of actionlessness,
the Chinese Wu Wei.

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