We are
not our brains !
Don’t let your brain
determine your actions !
Let your actions be determined
by the right circumstances, feelings & flow !
Wait till the right action arises by itself !

Freedom from action is mindfulness & actionlessness is the producer of mindfulness ! This doesn’t mean doing nothing & 2 not perform any action, but 2 perform action without the desire 4 any fruit from the action. Actionlessness is all about unmotivated actions & freedom from purpose, striving & ambitions, simply because all of them have their roots in desire.

Freedom from action & purpose or actionlessness involves the next resolutions (1) I will do nothing on purpose & will always act purposelessly while randomness actions remain alien 2 me. (2) I will be fond of keeping still & will manifest no ambition, simply because I know there’s nothing really needed nor worth being done, than 2 rest in Being 4 in acting actionlessly or in actionlessness or in doing nothing at random one discovers forces in one’s actions of which one was unaware. Acting actionlessly is about acting naturally & about unmotivated & spontaneous actions.

This path leads actually 2 Selfless service & transcendental action(s) & is the path of renunciation & karma-yoga. The renouncing of the brain as motivator of (one’s) actions is karma-cleansing 4 it’s only when you make up your mind (!) 2 do something, you return 2 the natural state of using your brain instead of the other way around.

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