I am because I desired
is the forgotten past & history
of all sentient beings & root of ‘All
under Heaven’, going from
non-being 2 being.

I am what I seemingly wished 4 & experience what’s seemingly needed’ 4 any Self & I not only wished our Selves into being, through feelings of devotion, shortcomings & compulsive thinking, all within ignorance, but also created our Selves a 2 our need suitable & corresponding world.

I am because I desire’, well at least desired 2 be 4 I just followed the steps of the myriad predecessors & builders of this world, sentient beings cleansing karma in search 4 Self-realization. Desire is an emotion. Emotion is a consumer of thoughts 4 I really only became when I could feel which incited & accumulated thoughts. It ain’t through merely thinking & reason that one becomes a Self !

I am because I feel’ & can, but not really have 2 think ! I don’t think & don’t have 2 think 2 be 4 in being or even in non-being, one is or I really am the most aware when I am not thinking & merely feeling ! I think of nothing & I am due 2 emotion 2 what I feel & from there, more protected against delusions & illusions & more mindful of real reality.

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